MOOD Network | Microanalysis Of Online Data

International Symposium:
MOOD-Y (Micro-Analysis Of Online Data in York)

The deadline for submissions has been extended to 14th May, 2014

University of York, UK, 14-15 July, 2014

The analysis of online social behaviours is a vital aspect of contemporary social science, and it is important that large-scale data analysis is complemented by the detailed, qualitative analysis of interaction processes. Through themed presentations of empirical research and methodological processes on the first day, as well as researcher-led collaborative data workshops on the second day, the MOOD-Y symposium will provide a space for developing the theory and methodology of interaction(al) analysis of online social behaviour.

The symposium will be appropriate for a range of participants, from specialists in particular analytic perspectives (such as Conversation Analysis, multimodality, Critical Discourse Analysis and cognate areas) to qualitative researchers interested in developing their analytic skills in relation to online data. A substantial aim for the symposium is to further develop an already flourishing interdisciplinary and international network of scholars who share an interest in the analysis of online interactional processes.

The symposium is free to attend and has four invited keynotes:

  • William Gibson, Institute of Education, University of London. Topic: Questions, Methodologies, and Key Debates in the MicroAnalysis of Online Data
  • Wyke Stommel, Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands. Topic: Comparing chat and phone interaction
  • Trena Paulus, University of Tennessee, USA, Jessica Lester, Indiana University, USA. Topic: A critical review of CA and DP applications in CMC contexts: Methodological implications.
  • David Giles, The University of Winchester, UK. Topic: The vexed questions of violation and vulnerability. The problems and paradoxes of ‘privacy’, and the terror of Tweets, traceability, and truth claims.

Call for papers and participation

We invite 200-500 word proposals for papers that address the qualitative, micro-analytic examination of online data in all its forms, including audio, video and other textual materials. The proposals may deal with either theoretical or methodological issues relating to this area, and may include the use of perspectives such as conversation analysis, forms of discourse analysis, multimodal analysis.
Some indicative paper topics include:

  • Methods for studying interaction in social media (both synchronous and asynchronous)
  • Using techniques from conversation analysis, discourse analysis and other forms of interactional analysis to investigate online data
  • Challenges in applying methodologies developed for speech to the study of interaction through text, images and video
  • Developing methodologies for specific data formats (e.g. discussion threads; comment fields; music compositions; video contributions)
  • Use of new technologies for data collection, management, analysis and representation
  • Reports on the findings of an empirical study of online interaction
  • Discussion of the ethical issues of domain access and data gathering
  • The relevance of the online/offline divide for the study of online communities
  • Situating microanalytic techniques within broader research frameworks

Proposals should be emailed in Word or PDF format to both Darren Reed ( and Will Gibson ( by the 14th May, 2014. Proposals should include a title, a 200-500 word abstract, as well as the name, institutional affiliation, email address and contact telephone number of the presenter(s). If there is more than one author or presenter named on the abstract please indicate which is the correspondence author.

The symposium will be hosted at the University of York and will be organised over two days with keynote presentations on each of the days. Registration is free.