Microanalysis Of Online Data

Welcome to the MOOD (Microanalysis Of Online Data) Network

This network brings together scholars interested in (methodologies of) microanalytic research of Computer-Mediated Discourse, varying from more traditional forums, e-mail and chat to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

We understand microanalysis as the intensive study of language use typically found in traditions such as conversation analysis, discursive psychology and discourse analysis.

Since 2013, we have organised an annual symposium, hosted by a different university every year. This website provides information on the upcoming symposium, past events and proceedings, our history, contact details and anything else that might be of interest to MOOD members and others.


(Video)mediated interaction at ICCA2018

The ICCA2018 conference, running in Loughborough (UK) at the time of posting this, hosted a panel yesterday on “orders of …

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MOOD 2017 at IPrA Belfast, Northern Ireland – call for abstracts

We invite abstract submissions to the panel The micro-analysis of online data (MOOD): Using discourse and conversation analytic methods to …

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